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Client Reporting  
Collecting your data through Mystery Shopping, IVR, ICR or Pricing surveys is critically important.  However, delivering accurate, quality data in a timely manner is of the utmost importance at Legacy Group Market Research.

How we deliver it is also important.  Our state of the art system is very dynamic right out of the box, and also allows for complete customization to meet your needs.

With vibrant animated dashboard capabilities, not only will your reporting be utilized on a day to day basis to assist in operations, but your reports will be visually impressive.

From statistical data laid out in our animated Map-tastic reports all the way down to having the report copies distributed to your team in real time, our suite of deliverables is sure to accommodate.

Our robust online reporting platform will allow you to Trend, Compare, Rank, and Share data on customer service, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, operational standards and compliance....from the Store level view or the Executive level view.

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Learn how our Services, including Mystery Shopping, can help you improve your customer service, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and bottom line through mystery shopping, IVR, ICR, Pricing surveys and more.