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Registration FAQ’s

Q. Is there a fee to register with LGMR?

A. NO! You will never be charged a fee to register, view or accept available assignments.

Q. Is an MSPA certification required to shop?

 A. No! Although we do encourage our shoppers to equip yourself with as much industry knowledge as possible we do not require an MSPA certification.

Q. As a Mystery Shopper how will I be paid?

A. As an Independent contractor, LGMR will pay for all valid assignments through Pay Pal; an online payment service.
For more information, login to
www.paypal.com and register for a free account!


We take pride in the personalization of our business and that attribute does not cease with personnel and clients.

As stated in our company Vision, we believe in treating our mystery shoppers with the same level of integrity and respect as we do everyone we have an association with.

Mystery shoppers are an invaluable asset in the foundation of a successful Information company; providing valuable facts through their unbiased, objective mystery shopping. Our shoppers have the proper tools, resources, attention and ability to help attain the necessary information needed to help nurture your business.








Reach out to us directly at 832-928-1180 or via E-mail at  careteam@legacygmr.com